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Mathinkeleon Jefferson Dononcourt is a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture and climate activism. Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Crop Management, he possesses a profound comprehension of agricultural methodologies and their critical correlation with environmental stewardship. Presently, Jefferson assumes the role of student coordinator for the ESL Program, capitalizing on his previous tenure as the coordinator of the pioneering 'Urban Agriculture in Schools' project within the UNIC network of Université Laval. This initiative not only fortified food security but also propelled environmental education and community involvement to new heights. Furthermore, Jefferson had the honor of representing these principles on a global platform. As a participant in the Economic and Social Council forum at the United Nations, he contributed substantively to deliberations aimed at addressing pressing socio-economic and environmental dilemmas. Jefferson's odyssey from Haiti to the U.S., escaping the pervasive gang violence that besieged Haiti's capital, instilled in him an unwavering dedication to catalyzing positive change in the lives of others. Inspired by the mission of Lakay Acces Sante to champion health equity and social justice, Jefferson has diligently served as the student coordinator of the ESL Program since March 2024. We are enthused to join forces with him in empowering newly arrived Haitian immigrants in the U.S. with proficiency in English and cultural acumen, thereby facilitating a seamless transition. Together, our objective is to mobilize, empower, and foster connections among individuals toward a shared pursuit of a healthier, more equitable future.

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